Meet the new and not so new faces of Casita

A few days ago it dawned on me that we have been so rude with all of our wonderful sponsors, it’s been a long time (in some cases months) since we made a proper introduction of the new faces at Casita Copán.

So, without further ado and with my deepest apologies to my boss and to all our friends and family, we give you these beautiful little ones:

Antony – Twin #1

Age: 7 months

  • Antony enjoys making all kinds of trouble a little too much.
  • He is also a fan of taking toys away from other kids and walking away with a sly look on his face that asks “what are you going to do?”
  • Tomatoes are not his thing
  • He is not fond of being around others he doesn’t recognize. He feels more comfortable with those from the nursery

He’s the oldest half of a pair of twins, you can tell him apart by his size and fuller set of hair

Antonio – Twin #2

100% honesty not sure if this is Antonio or Antony

Age: 7 months

Enjoys biting, stealing other’s food, playing with paint and wearing oversized hats

There isn’t much that Antonio dislikes, but the one thing we are 100% sure of is that he doesn’t enjoy lettuce

Although he’s the youngest, Antonio is very protective of his older twin brother and defends him whenever he needs help


Age: 3

  • Toy cars
  • Playing with Valentina and Justin
  • Spreading joy and love

Cristian really doesn’t likes when Justin plays with others

Whenever he is not being a joy, Cristian is hiding toy cars all around the nursery in any spot he is able to reach


Age: 3


He loves cookies (but only the hard ones, no soft or squishy ones for our boy Gustavo)

He really dislikes getting a clothing change without being showered first. Also, he’s not a believer in forgiveness (this one can hold a grudge)

He talks more in English than Spanish (the mystery remains why)


Age: 4

Playing with Sophia and with a toy concrete mixer  truck

Justin stays away from the toy kitchen and will not play there unless it is a group game. Big groups are also not appreciated by him.

  • Justin cannot nap until someone touches his head, which he is not afraid of asking
  • He can be VERY shy, to the point where the photo above was a small, but welcome


Age: 18 months

Margarita loves all things music! She spends lots of her time playing the xylophone and dancing. She can also chat up a storm (she still can’t speak, but that doesn’t stop her).

  • Dislikes showers and staying put

She’s very jealous, somedays she refuses to be anywhere but being in the arms of aunt Sindy or Zochil


Age: 3

Sophia is extremely curious. She loves singing, her favorite song is “Haleluyah” and the Serpent song (yeah…)

She’s not the biggest fan of Valentina (they get along, but from a distance). Sophia dislikes sitting down for longer than 3 minutes.

Sophia is our go-to person when we can’t identify the twins, she is very protective of both of them and at first, she wouldn’t eat until both his brothers were fed.


Age: 2

One of Sebastían’s hobbies is imitating others, their actions, what they say, even what they eat. He also loves vegetables (carrots are his favorite) and spicy food

Sebastian does not like any show of affection or getting spoiled by anyone. You can forget about hugging him.  Also on the list are diaper changes.

Sebastian is the only one that just before leaving makes sure that all his toys and cars are in the right spot. He’s very organized.


18 months

Lucía just entered Casita a week and a half ago, so right now we are still getting to know her and we can’t wait to tell you all about her.

Honorable Mention

Full disclosure, Keren Valentina is not new to Casita in fact she is the elder “stateswoman” of our nursery, however we felt this list wouldn’t be complete without her and honestly her picture was way to cute for us not to show.

Valentina ... also known as keren

She is 3 years old

If there is one thing Valentina loves is playing in the toy kitchen, second to that she enjoys books, which she reads out loud to her dolls

Valentina does not believe in playing with other kids and prefers to play by herself than with others. We try to get her to play with her younger classmates but it doesn’t always work out

Her actual name is Keren Elizabeth, but she is more commonly refered to as Valentina. We are not fully sure how or why she started being called Valentina

We are proud of the growth our daycare program, and specifically our nursery, has achieved this year. We are very lucky to have reached out to more young children and more families with the hope of improving their lives for the better and this was all possible thanks to sponsors like you. Thank you for sharing our vision of united families, healthy children and strong communities. Your support makes all the difference and inspires us to do better and aspire for more. Thank you for all the love. 

– The Casita Team