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Sponsors provide food, education, housing, medical care, and emotional support to some of the most vulnerable children in our community. By donating monthly, sponsors help us maintain a stable organization that kids and women can count on. That’s truly life-changing.

our new model: collective

At Casita, some of our kids will be with us long-term, while others may just need emergency support. That’s why we’ve changed our sponsorship model to be collective, so we can help even more children. This means that when you sponsor, you support all of our children, both the ones at Casita Copan right now and those that may need Casita’s services in the future.

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"Since my time in Copan Ruinas, no other organization has touched my heart the way Casita Copan has. Through sponsorship, I get to be a part of Casita Copan’s daily work and mission to prevent child abandonment. I urge you to join me by becoming a sponsor or making a donation today. Together, we can transform lives, one by one."

sponsor faq

Our sponsorship program helps children in Honduras grow up with the resources and support they need to achieve their dreams for the future. Your sponsorship means that kids receive daily services such as nutritious meals, medical care, educational programs, tutoring, and much more, all in a safe, loving environment. We’re a small organization, so your monthly donation creates a huge impact.

We have always strived to create programs at Casita that are ethical and inclusive, and we want to make sure our sponsorship program matches this ideal, which is why we’ve made this change. Some of our kids will grow up at Casita Copan and leave when they reach adulthood, while others will only spend a few months or years while their family passes through a difficult time. Still, more will leave Casita but return if their family can’t provide the support they need. Our goal is always to help children stay with their families whenever it’s safe because that’s the best way they’ll develop the skills they need to face the challenges of life.

To ensure that we can always provide prompt care in the case of an emergency and truly support mothers so that they can move ahead and eventually not need Casita’s services, we have decided to move to a collective sponsorship model.

You will absolutely sponsor actual children – just more! As a sponsor, you’ll receive exclusive updates about the kids progress and hear some amazing stories. And the kids will know that they’ve got champions all around the world. Pretty cool!

Yes! We don’t want this change to mean that you lose the individual connection to the children, so we invite you to be a pen-pal with one of the kids you sponsor. Just understand that we can’t promise you’ll be able to maintain the connection with the same child, because that child may end up transitioning out of Casita’s program. But we’ll just match you with a new child and you can continue to serve as a source of inspiration for our kids.

If you’re interested in being a pen-pal, just let us know when we email you the welcome kit. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish, we’re happy to translate for you!

First, thank you for the impact you’ve made. And second, don’t worry! You can definitely maintain the relationship as a pen-pal and we can always give you updates.

We have three levels of sponsorship: $30, $60, and $90 a month, so you can find the donation level that works best for you. When you sponsor, you join an amazing group of other donors who all are contributing towards the well-being of the Casita kids. It’s truly amazing what we can do together!  

At Casita, all the kids are equal, and we try to model our programs and activities so that everyone feels included. That’s why we ask that you don’t send individual gifts. However, you are definitely welcome to send an extra donation around the holidays so that all of our kids can attend a party and receive a special gift. Same goes for birthdays – we celebrate together with cake for everyone and we definitely welcome any contributions towards these shared festivities!

We’re so excited that safe travel is becoming possible again soon, and we would be happy to have you visit us here at Casita! Just let us know when you plan to come so we can answer any questions you may have.

We’d be glad to! Please get in touch with us so we can discuss more.