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Family style homes

our philosophy

All children deserve to grow up in a real home. Our "Casitas" are designed to be loving homes with a real, culturally appropriate family environment for abandoned or orphaned children.

day to day

Casita Copán oversees the operation of each Casita, ensuring that every child receives adequate and nutritional food, clean water, medical care, positive discipline, respect, and emotional support whenever needed. All children that live in a Casita attend Casita Copán Children’s Center for special activities, tutoring and educational programming. This time spent at the Children’s Center gives the children access to the support services they need, such as visits with a psychologist, medical care, educational help, and life-skills programming, while also giving them the chance to interact with other kids in the community.

our homes

Our Casitas provide a real home environment for abandoned and orphaned children who cannot be reunited with their families. Each Casita is home to 4-5 children and a full-time Casita mom who dedicates herself to raising the children in her care with love and respect. Through this model, our goal is to develop true family bonds that can help reduce the emotional and social risks that many orphaned and abandoned children face.

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