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"Close the Gap"

Educational Support Program

closing the literacy gap

One million. That is the number of children that had been excluded from access to education before the pandemic according to the Secretary of Education, but then COVID happened, and dropout rates skyrocketed to over 1,600,000 children. Copan’s children were hit specifically the hardest.

literacy first

Some children who didn’t know how to read, are now doing so; others that didn’t know how to count are now adding on and some are just getting the patience and understanding they need to go out on their own. Our program has been a vital help to public school teachers, who are not given adequate resources to serve all of the children in over-crowded classrooms.

how we started

In 2022 Casita Copan began the “Close the Gap” Educational Support Program, an initiative in which a Casita Copan teacher supports students at the public Juan Ramón Cueva Elementary who are struggling in their classes so that they don’t become another statistic of failure but of success.

our impact

In the second year of our program, we are impacting more than 40 children through intensive tutoring, educational support, and a healthy snack each day. By working directly in the public school, we can reach even more children who need support from Casita Copan and have a greater impact in our community.