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our approach

The best way to help an abandoned child is to prevent the child from being abandoned in the first place. For most moms, giving up a child is a last resort that can be prevented.

home away from home

Before Casita Copán, there was was no daycare center in Copán Ruinas, Honduras and many working moms were faced with a difficult choice – leave their young children at home alone or on the streets, or stop working completely. This can make it nearly impossible for a single mom to work her way our of poverty. In some cases, it can also lead to child abandonment. Now, with the services provided by Casita Copán, moms have another choice.

our goal

Casita Copán provides a caring, nurturing environment designed to meet the unique physical, social, and developmental needs of each child we serve, while offering support for moms in professional development, education, parenting skills, and more. Our goal is to create more than just a daycare center. We are building an extended family where both children and their mothers feel connected, supported, and respected.

our model


Healthy meals, clean water, vitamins


Tutoring, enrichment classes, literacy


Hygiene, first-aid, medical care, emergencies

Life Skills

Preparation for adulthood


Sports, play, special trips & activities