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Youth Program

preparing for the future

the reality

Without a high school education, children are at risk for chronic poverty, exploitation, unemployment, and early pregnancy.

dreams for the future

Youth in Copán Ruinas have big dreams, but the reality can be quick to put those dreams out. Casita Copan focuses on developing practical skills and leadership in the youth that participate in our programs so that they can be prepared to face the challenges that the future will hold. Youth participate in educational programming, practical workshops and trainings, and internships in the community to gain real-life work experience. Participating youth earn a scholarship to high school so they can continue their education.

Primary School Enrollment (Honduras)
Enrollment Rate 83%
Secondary School Enrollment (Honduras)
Enrollment Rate 46%

In 2019, there were 233,988 adolescents in Honduras who were not enrolled in school or any other kind of educational program.

it starts with education

The research shows that education is the first step to mitigate many of the outcomes of poverty.  Historically in Honduras, education was only compulsory until 6th grade, at which point many children dropped out to start working and help their families. However, this limited education traps people in low-paying jobs that only further perpetuate the cycle of poverty. That’s why it’s so important that children have an opportunity to continue beyond 6th grade, earn their high school diploma, and develop the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams for the future. You can support one of our youth here.