Meet Jessenia… again

One of the first tasks a Casita employee has to accomplish is to write a small bio and introduce themselves to the Casita Copán family, be that sponsors, donors and our followers. Beyond the obligatory experience section, we try to answer questions like “what brought me to Casita Copan?” and “what makes me — well me“. This is not easy and it usually takes a full day of effort to dig in deep and get it all out in paper. For our friend Jessenia, that takes a little bit more… 

If there was ever a person that disliked talking about themselves, she would be it. Jessenia hates to be the center of attention and is much more an active listener than a “active talker”. Having her complete a task which involves bragging about her accomplishments, listing their strengths, and telling her life story is most likely a nightmarish situation for her. In fact, she told us that writing her bio five years ago, was woefully uncomfortable. 

With that being said and considering all the changes happening in Casita including Emily’s relocation outside of Honduras, her transition to remote collaboration and our move into our new home, we have decided to put Jess through that discomfort again and re-introduce her to you all.

We’re so sorry Jessenia…


Hi all, as some of you may know, my name is Jessenia (or you can call me Jess, or “Tia Jess”, as some of the kids do). I started at Casita nearly 5 years ago *time flies*, on a 1 year contract doing communications, photography, fundraising and everything that entails just that. Fast forward, here I am, helping Casita through this leadership change, and feeling inspired by its growth.

A bit more about me and my background. I was born into a beautiful Colombian family with lots of flair and a rich culture. I moved to the states fairly early on in life, where I studied graphic design and photography. Then I proceeded to get my Master of Social Work with a focus on International and Community Development. That’s when I found Casita, and I knew I had to come here. 

A month after meeting Emily (via Skype) I was in Copán, ready to get my feet wet in all things Casita. I’m still here with a slightly different purpose, still focused on the development of Casita, but also deeply invested in its operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly both financially and operationally. 

By far, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that everyone has a story, everyone’s experience is unique, and that our kids have lived lightyears of what they should’ve at their young age. But I also learned that if given the right tools and opportunities, people’s lives can change drastically. That’s why Casita is so important, and people’s support of it so crucial. And what makes Casita so great, is that it’s always evolving and adapting to best serve the community given the circumstance. I can’t know for sure what the next 10 years will look like, but what I can say is that Casita will always honor and listen to the needs of kids, families, and the community that it will serve for years to come.

Feel free to reach me if you have any questions or to say hello, at 

– Jessenia

As our Interim Director, Jessenia’s leadership efforts have been essential during our move to our new headquarters and Emily’s transition to virtual work. Throughout this challenge-filled process, she has received the amazing support of Casita’s Program Director, Daysi. Both of them are working hard to ensure that Casita Copan continues to serve the children and women of Copán. You can read more about the work Daysi has been doing, here. 

The last ten years of Casita Copan have been possible thanks to our amazing sponsors and donors. YOU made the impossible happen and helped better the lives of women and children of Copán Ruinas. Become a part of next 10 years! Join us today!