Women’s Programs

Child care starts with the mother. But motherhood is challenging, and not everyone has the resources, support, and education they need to be the mother they wish they could be. At Casita Copán, we don’t believe in criticizing mothers, we believe in supporting them.

We believe in helping our mothers find the internal strength and the external resources that they need to care for their family. Our children’s center provides a resource essential for our single mothers; without our center, they could not work or they would be forced to leave their children alone. But the children’s center is just the start. Our women’s programs are focused on empowering our single mothers and supporting them as they work to improve their own futures.

Our programs for mothers include:

Women’s Well-Being Program – Through the Women’s Well-Being Program, single mothers with children enrolled at Casita Copán participate in trainings, workshops, and classes focused on parenting skills, maternal health, domestic and sexual violence prevention, literacy, self-esteem, and life-skills. These sessions are designed and led by our staff psychologist and conducted in the safe, welcoming environment of Casita Copán, with childcare and snacks provided. We also provide individual and group counseling to mothers and maintain an “emergency fund” for medical and health care needs.

Literacy & Primary Education – The overwhelming majority of the mothers we serve cannot read and write. This lack of primary education keeps them trapped in low-paying jobs as domestic workers. Our Literacy & Primary Education Program directly addresses this challenge by providing free primary education classes three evenings a week to single mothers. Our primary focus is to teach basic literacy and math skills so that our moms can realize their dreams of finding better jobs or even starting their own businesses. We have partnered with the Ministry of Education to become a certified “education center,” which means that students receive an official diploma upon completion of each grade level. These diplomas will make it possible for participating women to pursue higher education in the future.

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