Together, we can transform

the lives of vulnerable children

in our community.

There are over 700,000 single mothers in Honduras

With virtually ZERO federal and local government support, almost all of them rely on themselves to sustain their children. 

More disturbingly, eight out of 10 single mothers received little to no education. These are facts that point to a harsh reality: with no support, most single moms are destined to live in poverty. 

This is where the importance of community is clear. We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. Finding support in your family, your neighbors and a community is essential to children of single parent homes. 

This is why Casita Copán was founded over 10 years ago. We believe in the resilience of women, and we understand the importance of strength in numbers when it comes to raising a child. 

For women like Maribel and her twin boys, Casita Copán provided an opportunity to find strength and hope in their lives.

800 +
single moms in Honduras
2 %
have little to no education

What does "Unite the village" mean?

It means Collaboration

Over 10 years, Casita Copan has established strong connections within Copan and with amazing people across the world.

Lynn Krugmann

Casita supporter since 2016

It means Growth

Through their big dreams, our graduates become essential to their communities by giving back... many of them have returned to Casita!

Colynn Furgason

Casita supporter since 2017