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copan ruinas, honduras

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with 65% of its population living in poverty.

the reality

Honduras struggles with an overwhelmingly young population (nearly 40 percent of all Hondurans are under the age of 15), high rates of youth gang involvement, and the highest per capita murder rate in the world. Malnutrition, poor housing infrastructure, corruption, and infant diseases are widespread, especially in rural areas where most people do not have access to clean water and sanitation. Women and children are especially vulnerable to this climate of economic instability, particularly in rural areas such as Copán. Women face the daily risks of malnutrition, early pregnancy, illiteracy, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and chronic poverty.

our approach

The mothers we serve at Casita Copán, many of whom never received formal education and were victims of trauma and abuse in their childhoods, are trapped in low-paying jobs as domestic workers. In a rural community without adequate support services, single mothers have nowhere to turn for resources, and this can lead to child abandonment. In the community of Copán Ruinas, a close-knit town known for its famous Mayan ruins, we believe that it is possible to change the lives of the women and children who need it most.