Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce child abandonment by nurturing orphaned and vulnerable children and supporting single mothers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to break the cycle of child abandonment by providing essential childcare services to working families whose economic situation puts their children at risk of abandonment and creating real homes for orphaned and abandoned children. We believe that all children deserve to grow up in caring, nurturing environments where they are supported and empowered to achieve their dreams.

Our Values

  • Compassion – Our actions are centered on our compassion for at-risk children and our dedication to improving the lives of abandoned and orphaned children.
  • Transparency – We are accountable to our members, our community, and our donors and we will regularly share programmatic and financial documents to maintain trust.
  • Responsibility – We will constantly strive to meet and exceed our obligations, individually and as an organization.
  • Discipline – Our actions will always adhere to the established rules of our organization.
  • Respect – Our actions and decisions will demonstrate our respect for diversity of race, religion, culture, and ideology.
  • Love – The strongest force guiding our programs, practices, and decisions is love.