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We are happy to share news from Copan Ruinas and our team here on the ground. Here you can find the latest about our kids, staff, volunteers, and visitors. Also, stay connected to see how you can get involved!

Casita is about Mothers

The life of a woman is difficult. The life of a woman in Honduras is even more so. The life of a woman who happens to be a mother in Copán Ruinas just might be indescribably hard. This May, we celebrate mothers and honor their strength and hard work.

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I just want to be Something

Living at an orphanage with little or no care, Naún’s chances at success were slim. He was labeled as a bad apple by his community, but he chose to walk his own path along with Casita.

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Dani’s new chapter

It wasn’t the first time I’d sat in the DINAF child services office, awaiting a family reunification hearing. But it felt different this time. Dani’s

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