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When a Mom Needs Support: Helping Her and Her Child Thrive

At Casita Copán, we are dedicated to empowering mothers and children by providing essential support and guidance. Often, moms face challenges in supporting their children, and that’s where we step in to help.

Supporting Moms and Children Through All Adversity

One child was diagnosed with asthma. During a medical brigade at our facility, a doctor provided the boy with an inhaler and detailed instructions on managing his symptoms. Unfortunately, his mother couldn’t attend the initial doctor visit. To resolve this problem, our Daycare Coordinator, Sindy, met with the boy’s mother. Sindy relayed the doctor’s guidance, explaining how to administer the inhaler and sharing tips on minimizing asthma triggers at home. She also emphasized the importance of keeping the boy warm, advising him to wear layers at night and a coat on chilly mornings.

Thanks to Sindy’s thorough explanation and the mother’s conscientious implementation, the boy’s asthma attacks have significantly reduced, and his breathing has improved.

Individual meetings like these with the program coordinator provide moms with a safe space to discuss various aspects of their lives and find practical solutions.

Inside the One-on-One Meetings

Here is the typical routine for a one-on-one meeting, as shared by Sindy:

“Most mothers vent when they need to or when they want to, but they are always given the space to unpack their feelings. I encourage them to practice techniques or activities relevant to their problems. I remind them that they are the fundamental pillar for their children and allow them to choose their own actions.”

Conversations revolve around their children’s behavior, health, progress, and overall happiness at home and at Casita. These meetings frequently touch on financial struggles, family issues, health concerns, and emotional challenges.

“I provide additional support only when a mom asks for help, but often, we talk about the problems they are facing – problems they feel they can’t handle or don’t have a solution for and just need someone to listen. Not all of them have the same difficulties, and they don’t all receive support in the same way. We have mothers that don’t like to discuss their situations due to shyness or because their problems are too big to handle.”

Despite what they choose to share, it’s clear the issues they face cause serious emotional and relational problems in their lives.

“Many mothers isolate themselves and don’t talk about what’s happening. They won’t ask for support until they get to the point where they feel they can’t solve their situation, worried about what will happen with their children.

All our mothers have unresolved traumas, and some struggle with anger. However, many have sought help to improve their interactions with their children. Often, we don’t have a solution for what’s happening in their lives; we can only understand, listen, and guide them so they can make decisions based on their lifestyle and problems. Even though many difficulties will present themselves every day, the mothers and I work through daily objectives together so they may improve and learn for a better coexistence.”

Group Meetings and Community Building

In addition to one-on-one support, our mothers meet monthly as a group to discuss life skills and support each other. These meetings are the only time the moms see each other regularly and are crucial for building a sense of community. Each session focuses on a specific topic designed to help them improve their parenting skills.

For example, one meeting covered emotional intelligence—teaching moms how to react to stressful situations, handle anger, and communicate effectively with their children. They shared experiences and admitted to past mistakes, which helped them recognize the need for change.

“I notice how they try to improve after these discussions. I can see it in their attitudes; I hear comments from their sons and daughters, and in their one-on-one meetings, they will mention something that happened with their children and how they reacted differently.”

Our work begins with offering support. But ultimately, the mothers we serve bear the responsibility of making the changes that will transform their lives. By committing to learning and growing, they create healthier environments for themselves and their children. Through one-on-one meetings and group sessions, we continue to build a foundation of understanding and resilience.

Consider donating to Casita Copán to empower mothers with personalized guidance and a supportive community, creating lasting positive changes for them and their children.