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Spotlight: Inspiring Story of a Casita Volunteer

Allison, a monthly sponsor from Maryland, is not just a business owner, but an honorary Copaneca who has been an integral part of our community for many years. Her connection with Casita Copán dates back to 2016, but her roots in Copán run even deeper than that.

A Heartfelt Connection with Honduras

Allison first traveled to Honduras in 2005, 19 years ago. Since then, her ties with Copán have only grown stronger since she started volunteering at Casita. She fondly remembers seeing our efforts during her first visit in 2016. “I saw the work, and that’s when I decided to be a sponsor.”

Aligning Mission and Heart

For Allison, her involvement with Casita and our mission resonates deeply with Towson Presbyterian’s mission. She recalls an older gentleman from her first trip to Honduras, whose philanthropic legacy continues to inspire her support for Casita Copán. “It’s all about the kids, all about keeping the family together as much as you can. I think it fits really well with our ministry,” she shares.

Making a Difference, One Visit at a Time

During her visits to Casita, Allison finds joy in working with the children, particularly those with developmental disabilities. She enjoys being able to see their growth and progress each year. She was also excited to see the finished construction on our house, since her last visit took place at our old facility.

Embracing Copán’s Charm

When in Copán, Allison enjoys immersing herself in the local culture – seeing the Ruins, exploring the center, and going for coffee. Her frequent visits have made Copán feel like a second home, and she always feels right at home whenever she comes up those cobbly roads into town.

A Lasting Impact

As a dedicated sponsor, Allison has seen firsthand the impact of her contributions over the years. Expressing her desire to increase her support, she reflects, “My dollar is not going as far anywhere in the world. I want to increase my donation.”

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Allison for her unwavering dedication and friendship. Her ongoing support has played a critical role in the progress of Casita Copán, and we are looking forward to many more meaningful years of collaboration. Thank you, Allison, for being a cherished part of our journey!