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How Well Do You Really Know Copán Ruinas?

While many of you are familiar with our mission, we want to take this opportunity to shed light on the community we serve. Over the years, we have been fortunate to welcome numerous friends to Copán. However, it’s essential to recognize that the landscape of Copán is evolving, making the work Casita does more crucial than ever. Instead of taking our word for it, we encourage you to listen to the insights of our dedicated staff members. Here are some of their perspectives.

How would you describe Copán (especially to someone who has yet to visit)?

Litzy: A place full of amazing spots, full of love, and full of incredible adventures.  

Zochil: Copán is a very good place to visit and stay. There’s many places to relax; our nature is beautiful, and there are friendly and calm people. 
Fanny: We have good food and coffee. 

Velkis: Come see it for yourself and learn about the culture, the food – everything!

Is living in Copán now different than it was before? 

Marisa: It’s very different. Copán has grown a lot, in population, commerce, and tourist spots. Migration to the USA has also greatly affected here, as it has with the whole country.

Yolani: Everything has changed. Places that were once just trees are full of people. There are many new things, a little more work, more tourists. Everything is very different from how it was before.

This sunflower garden was started in 2021 – just three years ago – and has become a popular attraction.

Gabriel: It’s changing little by little. Before we didn’t have lots of public services. Now we have fumigation and a health center. The schools are getting better – before they weren’t so good.

What effect do you think Casita has in the community? 

Fanny: Casita gives good food, nutrition, and attention to children.

Zochil: I believe it has had a very good effect on people, but more so for women and the children who really need it. They know that there is a safe place for them.
Sindy: Casita gives support to many mothers who at some point do not have that from the community; it gives care and teaching to many little boys and girls. We always try to provide the best of services to mothers to prevent child abandonment, especially when mothers do not feel capable.

Do you think the community is better off with Casita Copán? 

Gabriel: Without Casita I don’t know what we would’ve done. Things are much better now because kids get educational opportunities, good nutrition, not just with the kids here, but also with other people and other organizations. By creating an alliance with them, we hope to grow more. 

Yolani: It is much better because Casita has supported many children. It gives them psychological attention – one does not know the journey of a child that grows up without their parents and their family. Things happen to them. Casita unconditionally supports these children; we give them a lot of love. They don’t go without anything; they have everything. They have love. Casita has come to totally change Copán because it supports single mothers and children who do not have a family. 
Marisa: Definitely. We are an oasis for many families. And we also have the opportunity to continue growing to reach many more people. The municipality has undergone many changes, and having a place like Casita has a positive impact.

Copán is a vibrant place filled with love and good people, but historically, essential services have been lacking, and infrastructure has been unavailable. As the community expands, Casita Copán is dedicated to providing assistance to families in need – specifically, mothers and children who need care, support, and motivation to persevere. It is thanks to our loyal supporters that we are able to empower these families and strengthen our community. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and interest in our cause.

To learn more about Copán Ruinas and how to support Casita Copán, visit our facilities or consider making a gift.