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From Teenager to Team Member

As someone who was a part of the original group of one of our most notable programs, Velkis now extends her legacy at Casita as an employee. She joined our Casita at 14 and she left at 21, among the first generation of kids transitioning out of the program. In a fortunate turn of events, she has returned to Casita and has become a valued member of the staff. Now a mom herself, she reflects on her deep-rooted connection to Casita.

Living in Copan and raising her son, she feels overjoyed to be involved with Casita again. The opportunity to work here allows her to stay connected with the people she grew up with, which is made easier by the close-knit community in Copan. Reuniting with familiar faces and creating new memories, she appreciates the chance to share her successes with Casita.

Throughout her time at Casita, she has witnessed numerous changes, including the transition to a new home. Despite the adjustments, her connection with the organization remains strong. In an effort to reignite the magic of the old location, she has taken it upon herself to start a garden at the new place. Fondly reminiscing about the previous garden, she hopes to plant culantro and vegetables and recreate some of her favorite memories.

She will always be a part of the Casita family, even as her own family grows. She wants for her six-month-old son to experience the same sense of belonging and togetherness that she received from Casita as he gets older. When asked about what family means to her, she stated, “Family is happiness, sharing with my son.” 

Her journey from a child in Casita’s care to a cherished employee highlights the fact that she will always be able to call Casita her home. As she nurtures her own family, she continues to contribute to the growth and success of the organization. With her unwavering dedication and the love she exudes, she perfectly embodies the heart of our Casita family. 

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