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Great to see you again, RetailROI

Today, we are delighted to recount a meaningful chapter of our summer, a chapter that was etched by the presence of some extraordinary friends from RetailROI. As you sip your coffee or settle into your favorite reading spot, allow us to take you on a captivating journey of connection, learning, and shared purpose.

Imagine the scene: seven passionate souls arriving on Honduran soil, eager to explore the rich tapestry of Copán Ruinas. From the moment they graced our town with their presence, it was evident that this visit was destined to be extraordinary. Against the backdrop of historical marvels and cultural gems, our friends embarked on a multifaceted journey, immersing themselves in our world and igniting an exchange that transcended geographical boundaries.

First things first, they got to visit one of our cherished Casitas, where our family-style homes come alive. This firsthand experience allowed our guests to witness the essence of our approach – a holistic environment where love, growth, and family values intertwine to nurture the potential of every child. It was a moment that showcased the heart and soul of our mission.

But it didn’t stop there. Next we took them for a stroll through our beloved Casita. We showed them around, gave them a sneak peek into our daily life, and shared stories of our journey. It was more than just a house tour; it was a chance to open our doors and let them experience the love, dedication, and dreams that fill every corner of Casita Copán.

The spirit of connection continued as our friends ventured to the local public school the next day, where they shared invaluable time with the children of our educational program. Engaging in an arts and crafts activity, the language of creativity flowed effortlessly, bridging gaps and forming bonds that needed no translation. The laughter and camaraderie spoke volumes, affirming that compassion knows no linguistic barriers.

In a heartwarming twist, our RetailROI companions joined our children in crafting an iconic Honduran dish – baleadas. The kitchen buzzed with shared enthusiasm. Witnessing their swift adaptation to the task was not just endearing, but a demonstration to the universality of connection that unites us all.

Amidst these memorable moments, a lighthearted anecdote added a touch of humour to their visit. Our Executive Director, Daysi, sailed on a quest to find the perfect word to describe a recently built structure in our backyard. 

After a friendly debate, Kate chimed in, clarifying that the elusive term was “pavilion.” However, in an amusing turn, the word “gazebo” took on a life of its own throughout the afternoon, creating moments of jovial camaraderie that underscored the warmth and ease of our interactions.

The pavilion

Beyond these touching experiences, strategic conversations ensued. Seated around the table, RetailROI’s expertise was harnessed to enhance our operations. Their insights cast a fresh light on our approaches, igniting new perspectives and avenues for growth. What emerged was more than ideas; it was a collaborative roadmap to refine and amplify our impact.

As the sun set on their visit, a final evening was dedicated to a heartfelt dinner. Around the table, laughter and stories flowed effortlessly, cementing the bond between us all. This wasn’t just a farewell; it was a celebration of shared values, connections, and a journey marked by profound impact.

To our friends from RetailROI, your visit was a symphony of compassion and collaboration. Your genuine interest, shared experiences, and expert insights have left us with a renewed spirit and a sense of gratitude. Your presence has touched our hearts, and the knowledge that we stand united in our mission to create positive change fuels our path ahead.