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Naun’s Biggest Fear

One of the most frequent questions we receive is: what happens to a child after he grows out of the Casita’s Program. The simplest reply is: “no one ever truly leaves Casita Copan”. In one way or another they are connected to a support group that extends far from the borders of Copan regardless of their age. Naun’s story is one of such examples.

One year ago, Naun graduated out of Casita and went on to the real world of adulthood. We helped him find a job through our network of local friends and supported him with his choice of rent money or food supplies. This initial job didn’t last long and he quickly started working security, then as a bus driver assistant and finally as a waiter in a local restaurant. All these positions were only temporary as he was (and still is) fixated on his goal to attend art school.

If I could do one thing, it would be a painter. I love to create,” he said last year as we were discussing his future. This wish goes beyond just words, as during his off time, he draws everything from symbols, logos, but his favorites are anime characters (Japanese cartoons). He collects sketch books and fills them with drawings, portraits and scribbles, but he doesn’t let anyone see them.

He's also good at Spray-painting
Back in 2017
Pretty good right!?

fearing yourself

Now, a year and change after leaving Casita, our young adult is going through a very exciting opportunity. Care to know what it is?

Naun has been chosen as one of the initial candidates for an Art School in Tegucigalpa that would offer him the chance to once and for all finish his high school with a specialization in Arts, either ceramic, painting, drawing, sculptures, etc.

This will involve him traveling 300 miles, taking a 3-day admissions exam from 8 am. to 4 o’clock, passing said exam, not mentioning relocating from a small town of 30 thousand people to a city of 1.5 million. No small feat for our copaneco!

Needless to say, Naun has never been so afraid in his life, “I am nervous. I don’t know if I’ll be good enough. I’m rusty. What if I fail?” We have been hearing these thoughts from him, and we have been comforting him from these insecurities, but we want him to know that he has many others rooting for him.

Send him your words of encouragement down below or write him an email here. It would mean the world for him and to us and we promise to update with more details of his travels and as soon as he passes.

For now at least, it is time to pack!

Update May 31st, 2023: This article was posted exclusively for our Sponsors a few months ago that we are now sharing with everyone. 

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