Hey everybody!

My name is Daysi Ramírez, and I’m so excited to be back at Casita Copán. I worked here as a psychologist a few years ago, and this time I’m back as the Program Director. Also, during the last couple of years I was part of the Honduran Board of Directors, as the president, keeping close to Emily and Casita.

Casita Copán means so much to me! I’ve seen it grow and develop, and now that I am once again submerged into its everyday happenings, I couldn’t feel prouder of the incredible work the team has done over the past nine years and that they still do every single day with so much love and dedication.

Just a little bit about me, my family is HUGE. I have 4 brothers, one sister, 7 nieces, 3 nephews and a lot of patience. All in all, 24 people make up the Ramírez Rosa Clan.

My family

I have lived in Copán Ruinas for almost 9 years now. Before that, I lived all around the country – San Pedro Sula, Santa Rosa de Copán and Tegucigalpa – until I finally found the place I now call home.

Part of the reason I stayed in town all those years ago, was definitely Casita Copán, a wonderful place that taught me and helped me grow both personally and professionally.  And the other big reason I stayed in Copan Ruinas, is my amazing husband, Cesar. We have been together for almost all the time I’ve lived in Copán, and I consider myself lucky to have him in my life. Together we rescued a stray dog a few years ago, and now he is the light of our home, having saved us as much as we saved him. His name is Bruno and I’m happy to say he now has a very happy and spoiled life.

Bruno loves the beach and the camera.

I am a psychologist and I’m just about to get my Master’s Degree in Gender based Violence, and have so many plans in mind for Casita and the community, hoping to use my knowledge into making our town a better place for our kids to live in and also to have a direct positive impact on their lives and the lives of the women we serve.

Very soon you will be seeing me and my work at Casita on social media, so, I’ll keep you posted!

My husband César and our Bruno.