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Home Sweet Home … well, not yet!

It’s been close to 10 months since we got the keys to our new home and as much as we would love to say that everything is going as smooth as butter, and that we are ready to move in, we’re not yet quite there yet.

Renovations are a real PAIN and when you add the geographical isolation of Copán Ruinas, that pain only grows exponentially. There are only a few hardware stores in town, which translates to less of everything, except costs (unfortunately for us). There are less options, less supplies, and a high-cost markup for transporting materials from San Pedro Sula and other cities. One example of this was the tiles on our computer lab and administrative offices on the second floor. It took us weeks to settle on an option that both fit our budget and looked great, but by the time we placed the order, the shop had run out of tiles.

Added to all of this, is the undeniable reality of budget constraints. We’ve had to intermittently put the building project on hold to pull together enough resources and restart work again. We had to face the fact that as much as we want a newer and more spacious home for our children, their continued growth and care is our main mission.

Now the great news

Although the trials have been difficult; we are Casita Copán, surpassing expectations and thriving despite obstacles is in our code. When we received the house, a big chunk of the ceiling (the 2nd story terrace) had warped. We quickly got to work, added steel reinforcements, leveled the flooring  of that section and installed a beautiful roof with plenty of skylights that let in beautiful natural light.

Along with those changes, we completely overhauled the bathroom situation for our army of kids, adding four units which will be equally divided between girls and boys. We also conditioned a space meant for a future laundry room and we replaced the rusty old gate with a brand spanking new one.

Moreover, our friend and resident do-it-all, Henry has been hard at work revamping the electrical system for the entire property. He made sure that the power supply was safe and even added an emergency shutdown lever for the whole grid. His efforts in this project have been indispensable and when asked how he feels seeing the changes which our kids will benefit from, he responds with a humble, “it feels great”.

Mr. Henry Do-It-All

What’s next?

As you can probably tell by now, we have been very busy throughout this journey, but there is more to come. Next week, we will be polishing the cement flooring for the new annex in the second story. For now, the plan is to leave it as such and forego the upfront cost of 4,000 dollars for the tiles alone. The quote for the kitchen walls and building materials should come in during this time, so depending on it, we’ll move forward on that too. Also, in approximately 2-3 weeks, the walls for the new computer lab will go up, bringing us one step closer to Move-In Day 2022.

We cannot send enough thanks to all our donors. The process has tested all of us in Casita, but through your efforts in our fundraising campaigns, you helped us secure a permanent home for our children and we cannot wait to move in and give you the grand opening tour. From all of us in Casita, THANK YOU for making this happen!

In case you haven’t joined the renovation efforts of Casita, you can do so via our capital campaign here or through our website over here.