Casita Means Home

There’s no electricity today in Copan so I’m back in my old office – a table at Café San Rafael, where Casita Copan all started. Back in 2012, we dreamed of creating a community driven organization that could help children stay with their families and find real homes. I’ve had lots of dreams over the years, but there was something different about this one.

From the beginning, it was a leap of faith. We started with just $5,000. We had collected our seed funding through a crowdfunding campaign, mostly friends and family who wanted to help out. But we didn’t have any solid funding sources yet. We just had two secret weapons – a ton of energy (I was 27 back then!) and a really important mission.

We had thought about fundraising first to buy a property, but we didn’t want to wait to start helping the kids in Copan – the need was just too urgent. So we decided to prioritize programs first with the hope that one day we would be in a place to buy our own home. We rented a two-bedroom house in 2012 and started our daycare center. And from there, we just kept dreaming and working and growing. Over the years, we invited more and more people into our dream, volunteers and donors, employees and children, and together we built Casita Copan.

And now, we’re actually face-to-face with that original dream: having a place of our own. Once again, our incredible network of donors (including some of you that have been with us since the very beginning) is stepping up, because you’ve seen before what amazing things happen when we all work together.

“Casita” literally means “little home.” And that’s what all of us together have created. So many people have found their home at Casita. I’m lucky to count myself as one of them. And now I’m raising my son here alongside the children who have also found their home at Casita. Because home matters – Casita matters. We all need a place where we belong.

Sitting here at San Rafael, I remember how many of our original donors I met for coffee or just happened to meet because they were sitting at the next table. Some of you came to Copan, some of you just found out about our work online but stayed connected. It makes me feel so humbled to think how many people over the years and around the world stepped up to make a difference for kids in Honduras. We are all proof of the power of working together. You’ve gotten us here. And we are so grateful. Now we’re asking you to help us take the next step.

Join us today to help us buy a property for Casita and make our original dream come true.