When retail meets philanthropy

Early last summer, a group of dedicated individuals visited Casita Copan to found out more about the work we do in Copan Ruinas. With the guidance and leadership of the Retail Orphan Initiative (Retail ROI), they spent time getting to know our kids, staff, and our facilities. They left Casita and Copan excited and motivated to help. 

The focus of RetailROI is to raise awareness and provide real solutions for vulnerable children worldwide through funding organizations at the forefront of orphan/foster care, and adoption. We have been fortunate enough to be part of this network of nonprofits that Retail ROI supports. In 2018, we began our first major project with Retail ROI. With a $25,000 grant, we expanded our capacity by building a new bathroom facility for boys and girls, turning a storage area into a classroom with new roofing and floors, and purchased new furniture and materials for our preschool room. These changes greatly improved the infrastructure of our center and allowed us to increase the number of children enrolled in our programs. Their support didn’t stop there. Since then, Retail ROI has ensured that we have the necessary tools to improve our foster care program, allowing us to promote one of our teachers to “Care Coordinator” to provide greater oversight and support to our foster homes, increase security for our kids, and improve our organizational capacity. 

Additionally, we have also been invited and have attended three “Super Saturday” events, a conference of retail professionals in New York City, which has afforded us the opportunity to expand our outreach and awareness internationally. The connections that we’ve made with talented individuals from all different backgrounds have inspired us and helped us grow into a more effective organization.

But the best part is being able to share Casita Copan and our community with members of RetailROI. Several visitors who have come to Casita via the Retail ROI trips have now become active collaborators of Casita by enrolling in our sponsorship program and amplifying our services and our mission in their home state. One of the members and founder of CTRL ALT DEL Poverty generously donated Mobile Education Tech Lab kits, which included 20 tablets, equipped with educational applications and resources, and off the grid internet access. This further promoted our kid’s learning environment and helped them get acquainted with new technology. 

Our partnership with Retail ROI helped us improve our services and expand our reach. The accomplishments mentioned previously were all made possible thanks to the support and backing from Retail ROI. Specifically, we want to thank the individuals that have become increasingly involved with Casita since visiting. Cory & Marissa McDermaid, Kevin & Makenna Ertell, Randy Curcezan, Greg Buzek, Jeff & Cooper Buck, Dan & Judy Grady, to you all, thank you for your generosity and support. Thanks to supporters like you we are able to continue our work and improve our services. 

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity granted to us.