Meet Our New Development Coordinator, Arielle!

Hi friends,

I’m Arielle, and I’m very excited to become the new Development Coordinator for Casita Copán! Let me tell you a bit about my story and what led me to Casita!

I have always had a strong interest in Social Justice. After graduating with a Masters of Law in France in 2013, I decided to travel a year to see the word for myself.

My first experience with the real world of justice was during my time spent with an isolated aboriginal community in Australia. I was struck by the rampant alcoholism, lack of education, and prevalence of vigilante justice. I strengthened my understanding of these deeply rooted societal issues through interactions with the women in the community. They shared with me their frustrations, and I discovered a new facet of the world, with both its challenges and beauties. I was both fascinated and outraged. What began as a year of travel turned into six years of dedication to working with fragile communities in order to rebalance inequities and provide tools to enable development in a globalized world.

Different experiences working with non-profit organizations in Asia and Europe with both women and children led me to my first project in Honduras in 2017. I served underprivileged young women through education and empowerment, teaching them different skills to become leaders of their community. I also created and led a program dedicated to human rights and politics. I spent two years in Honduras and fell in love with the country and its people, despite the number of problems happening at the time (i.e., political crisis in 2017).

Those years have opened my mind, challenged my way of thinking, and deepened my desire to continue helping with development and communications in Central America, which led me to Casita Copán. I knew the organization from 2017, and I have always been inspired by the work Casita Copán does to address the causes of child abandonment by supporting single mothers and promoting the well-being of kids through childcare, education and health. It is a unique organization in Honduras that deserves to expand. I had to move to Guatemala for a year, but when I saw Casita Copán opened a new position for a Development Coordinator, I immediately applied and was very happy to be selected to be part of the team.

Due to this complicated COVD 19 crisis we are all living internationally, I am still in Guatemala and can’t cross the border to reach Honduras but I’m still very positive we can achieve a lot online, until the borders open again! I will then be able to travel to the wonderful town of Copán to integrate the Casita family and assist with fundraising activities, donor relations, and communications. I’m very excited to bring my professional and personal experience to help Casita grow so it can impact more families!
Feel free to contact me at [email protected] should you have any questions!