Covid-19 and Casita Copan

First, we wish all of our readers and supporters all the safety and wellness during this time. We know the current state of the world has brought uncertainty to many, as we continue to be entangled in this global pandemic. With that, we wanted to shed a bit of hope, and give you all an update about us and how we’re managing to stay afloat during this crisis.

To give you a little bit more insight into Honduras during this global pandemic, we would like to share some facts. As of today, the reported cases in Honduras are 95, and it is rapidly spreading with the number of cases increasing nearly 40% daily. There has been one fatality so far, but with the failed healthcare system in Honduras, which has been at the brink of collapsing for several years, things could get much worse. Currently, there are no cases in Copan Ruinas, where we are located, and our municipality is taking extreme measures to ensure the virus does not reach us. You can learn more about Honduras’ healthcare system here.

As of March 13th, the Honduran government issued an order to close all schools, cancel all gatherings and public events, and shut down all non-essential businesses. Given the exponential spread of Covid-19 and in compliance with the Honduran government’s ordinance, we closed our Children’s Center and find ourselves in self-isolation with our foster children. The majority of our children are currently residing with our executive director, Emily Monroe, and a few others are staying with other trusted staff members. 

We decided to close our foster homes to prevent the inevitable mobilization of kids and staff from one home to another, during shift/staff changes. By keeping our kids together, fixed in the homes mentioned, it allows us to have control of their surroundings and exposures. The kids adjusted quickly and are active in their daily routine which includes doing homework and reading, playing games, and picking up cooking skills.

We are also attentive to our Children’s Center families. Initially, we provided two weeks’ worth of food and general house supplies for all of the participating mothers and children of our Children’s Center program. This week, and with the help of staff and volunteers, we distributed another two weeks’ worth of supplies. Mothers in our program work day to day and because of the strict COVID-19 quarantine here in Honduras, they are unable to work and have no money to feed their families. It is thanks to our donors and supporters that we are able to respond to this crisis and aid vulnerable persons in need.  We are still here, boots on the ground, because of you.

We understand that the future is uncertain for most, but our mission remains intact, and we will continue to provide for our Casita children and the families we serve.