Youth Transitions

As our year is just getting started, we are reflecting back on a tremendous milestone we had last year. 

Eduardo circa 2012

Velkis and Eduardo joined our “Casita” Foster home program in 2014 when our program was just getting started. They were previously in the local orphanage, where conditions were dire and bleak. At Casita, they had access to tutoring, nutritious meals, a loving foster mom and much more. Through this, they learned how to read and write, and we saw significant improvements in their social skills. 

Velkis circa 2013

A few months ago, we celebrated their transition into adulthood. Velkis and Eduardo officially left our Casita foster program, and are each living on their own. We walked with them every step of the way as we helped them with the process. They each have their own apartment, and both have found jobs. They still receive limited support from Casita, such as financial assistance for food and other expenses. 

For Casita, this is the very first time that we have experienced our kids transitioning out of our programs. It is both an accomplishment for Velkis and Eduardo, as well as for Casita Copan. Velkis visits us almost every day at Casita, and we often see Eduardo working in town, and we are very proud of how well they are doing. 

It has been a humbling experience for all of us at Casita to see Velkis and Eduardo transform into the caring and independent adults they are today. Without Casita, their story may have been different, and we have our donors and supporters to thank. This was possible thanks to you!

Youth Transition Celebration Dinner