Casita is 7 years old today!

Guest blog post by Christopher ButterworthCommunity member

Let me kick things off by wishing a very happy birthday to the most incredible organization in my favorite place in Central America. Casita Copan is celebrating its seventh birthday on what should be a special day for all children in Honduras. Today is also Children’s Day here. It is a day that is packed full of fun, games, delicious food, singing, dancing and playing. It is a day on which children are invited to do what they do best: be children.

I have been living and working in Copan Ruinas for a little over a year and in going about my daily business I see what anyone that has spent any more than a few days of vacation here has seen with their own eyes. They and I know that the sad truth is that for many local children, Children’s Day will be not be anything close to the joyous celebration that it should be.

Casita Copan ensures that this isn’t the case for a group of the sweetest, kindest and engaging youngsters that you could ever wish to meet. When I arrived in Copan Ruinas and first became aware of Casita, I understood the importance of the work being done there. I did not, however, understand the genuinely life-changing impact Casita has on every single mother and child that it comes into contact with.

For me, the most impressive aspect of how Casita is run is how personal the treatment of every mother and child is. It is clear that everyone working at Casita really cares about what is happening in the lives of the mothers and children that they work with. Of course, there are limits within which Casita operates, but the truth is that it seems to me like there is nothing that is too much effort if it means that the life of one of their mother’s or children can be made better.

Finally, while I could list many positive aspects of Casita, I will choose just one more and focus on what I believe to be the most important: the impact that Casita’s programs have. It is something that is perhaps not measurable that makes it clear to me that Casita is doing great work. So, while I am not going to deny that some of the younger kids at Casita are incredibly cute and wonderful to spend time with, it is the less cute kids that leave me in no doubt about the success of the Casita. I am of course talking about the teenagers, particularly the older ones (let’s hope they don’t get to read this or I might be in trouble!). Every single one of them is bright, open-minded and interested in the world around them. Thanks to Casita, they are youngsters that will contribute to making Copan Ruinas a better place. Given the start in life that some of them have had, I think this is mind-blowing.

Happy birthday Casita, keep up the astounding work!