Transforming Families

Dara joined us at Casita Copan about a year ago, when she was just seven months old.  Her mother, Marisela, worked selling tortillas and sewing clothes.  Dara was a small baby who was a bit withdrawn and easily scared.

With time, Dara began to feel more comfortable in her class with the other kids in our Early Childhood Program.  Her teacher, Etel, began teaching her to crawl, feed herself, and eventually pull herself up and start to walk.

When we expanded our Early Childhood Program in the fall of last year, we decided to hire a teacher’s assistant to help care for our smallest children.  We realized we wouldn’t have to look very far to find the perfect person to hire.  Dara’s mother, Marisela, was smart, funny, responsible, and a self-starter.  We offered her the job in September, and she started right away.

DSCF7653Over the past 9 months, Marisela has helped our little kids learn to crawl, walk, and talk.  She helps the lead preschool teacher, Etel, create fun activities for our kids that include sensory play, gross and fine motor development, art, and movement.  Her ability to resolve issues and find her own solutions translates to the kids: she encourages them to play and work out their conflicts, and intervenes only when necessary.

Since starting work at Casita, Marisela’s salary has doubled from her time making tortillas and she now earns a fair wage for her work.  She was able to move out of the room she rented and into a home with Dara and her other children.  Dara, after a full year of good nutrition and age-appropriate stimulation in the classroom, is developmentally on track and will now even crack a shy smile when she meets someone new.

Our child sponsorship program is our largest and most sustainable source of funding.  Our child sponsors support not just individual children, but all of Casita Copan’s work.  Our sponsors transform lives, and they transform families, one by one.  Join us today!