Zoila’s Dream

Meet Zoila, a charismatic Casita Mom with big dreams for her foster children. Zoila is a pioneer foster mom of our ‘Casita’ program, but like many women in Honduras, she had limited resources as a child. As one of eight children, her family often struggled to make ends meet. She began working at the early age of 13 alongside her mother at the local orphanage. It was there that Zoila discovered her passion for helping others, especially children.

A few years later she met Emily, our now Founder and Executive Director, whom she worked with for two years before Casita Copan’s formation. It was then that Zoila received an offer that would change her life. In 2015 Casita Copan opened the doors of its first ‘Casita’ home, a family-style housing designed to provide orphaned children with permanent, loving homes. Having worked with Zoila, Emily saw Zoila’s commitment to the well-being of children, and had full trust in her nurturing and caring qualities. After thoughtful consideration, Zoila joined our Casita program and became the foster mom of five loving children. Zoila tells us she often reassures her kids of her love and dedication, she says, “I may not be your biological mother, but I am your mom at heart.”

Their time is well spent as they play, laugh, and grow together as a family. Yet, Zoila recalls the times that the children have shared with her their griefs and painful memories prior to Casita, Ziola says, “they suffered things that kids should never go through but I tell them that today they have a new future, today they have Casita.”

Zoila’s resilience to adversity has made her a loving and caring Casita Mom, and she has big dreams for her children, “My dream is that the kids become good people and continue their education. Estrella wants to be an artist, and I hope she can make it to art school. They all have such unique talents and personalities, and I am sure that with the help of Casita Copan they will achieve their dreams.” 

With your help, we will ensure that our foster moms and our kids have access to all the resources they need to fulfill their dreams. Join us and watch them grow!