The First Five Years – Part 3

Read the first part of the founding story of Casita Copán here and the second part here.

Starting an organization only sounds appealing before you do it and years later once you’ve forgotten the sleepless nights, the nagging feeling of self-doubt, the stress about how you’ll pay the bills, the constant requests from strangers to prove yourself as qualified and capable enough. I always told myself, if we make it to 5 years, I’ll be satisfied. And here we are. Emphasis on the we. While I’m sharing my side of the story, Casita is the culmination of the passion and hard work of volunteers, staff, board members, and donors from around the world. The reason we’ve made it this far is the network of supporters who believe in our mission and continue to invest in the future of the children of Honduras.


So, five years later, am I satisfied? It’s a hard question. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and I am confident that we’re only able to see just the beginning when it comes to the impact that Casita has catalyzed in the lives of the children and mothers who participate in our programs. It will take years to fully see the changes, and we hope to be around to continue to see our children grow and thrive. I have learned way more than I can write in one blog post, not just about the specifics of running an organization, but also about humility, about the resiliency of people, and about how I fit – and don’t fit – into the narrative.

But the truth is, Casita Copán as an organization is just getting started. As Casita has grown, so has our understanding of the depth and complexity of the challenges that women and children face in this region. The intersection of factors – poverty, education, malnutrition, sanitation, pollution, globalization, gender, violence – can seem overwhelming. But we prefer to see it as motivating.

In the next five years, we plan to do more than just serve more children and families. We plan to turn our model for caring for orphaned children and simultaneously supporting single mothers into a model that can be replicated throughout Honduras and even around the world. We plan to create a network of child protection in our community that links children and families to authorities and holds authorities responsible for responding to the high rates of child abuse and rape, early pregnancy, and exploitation that largely goes unanswered. We plan to continue to provide safe and loving homes and a quality daycare and afterschool program that focuses on nutrition, education, and life skills development while expanding to include more children.

We have the motivation. We have the passion. We have the experience and the connections to make meaningful change in our community. All we need now is commitment from people like you to be a part of the future of Casita Copán and the future of the children of Honduras. Join us by making a donation today or signing up to sponsor a child. Together, we can reach the next five – and more!