Brothers Reunited

Calling Casita Copan a busy place is an understatement. But even though our days are filled with the ups and downs of raising and educating children, we always find time to address emergencies that show up on our doorstep.

When Casita opened its doors to 13 children who were living at the nearby orphanage, our first task was to investigate each family. We first met Mirna, two of our Casita kids’ mom back in 2014, and were moved by her personal story. When Mirna showed up again this summer, with two of her youngest sons in tow, she expressed an interest in staying in Copan Ruinas and trying to settle down and provide for her family. Two of her children live in our Casitas full time, but they were thrilled at the opportunity to get to know their mother and spend some much needed quality time together.

In situations like Mirna’s where she does not have custody of three of her children, it can be tempting to place immediate blame on her. But the truth is, women are often placed in impossible situations and their children can be removed from their custody if they can’t provide the material resources that each child needs. In a country like Honduras where poverty and lack of opportunity are widespread, this means that sometimes loving, well-meaning mothers are separated from their biological children for life.

We’ve talked about this reality on our blog before and we remain committed to helping families stay together whenever it’s in the best interest of the children. Currently, we are helping Mirna and her youngest two boys get back on their feet by offering enrollment in our Children’s Center. Since Mirna doesn’t have a residence here in Copán Ruinas, right now we are reaching out to our supporters to help us get her settled. You can make a donation to support Mirna and her sons by clicking here.

Here’s a few pictures of the little guys getting used to the routine here at Casita Copán.