Sustainability, Education & Community: Introducing our Aquaponics Project!

The old adage is true: teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life. So, why not put the fish in his backyard?

This is what we are trying to accomplish with our new Aquaponics Project. Sustainability is one of our main goals, for the future of our children, mothers and community. In addition, two of our most important services: the provision of food and education, will be improved tremendously by this innovative garden project.


Simply put, aquaponics is the process of growing fish and plants together in a symbiotic system. There are many different kinds, but the one we are implementing involves tilapia fish, our garden of corn, beans and vegetables, and chickens.

Thanks to Shawn Paul, the leader of Morning Star Missions in Honduras, we now have an almost complete aquaponics garden in our own backyard! This will help us to cut down on our food expenses, and it will also serve as an excellent educational tool to teach children about the circle of life.

Initially, we expect to save about $1200 per year, which is enough to cover the expenses of one of our Casitas for an entire month! Having an interactive tool for the children to learn about biology, how food grows, and the circle of life, well, you can’t put a price on that! However, there is significant evidence that gardening at an early age has a positive impact in children’s development.

We already have set up a chicken coop, the aquaponics system, the grow beds and greenhouse. It is not finalized yet, but you can check out the progress in the following three videos, narrated by Shawn himself. The only thing missing at this point is the animals. We expect everything to be ready to go by the end of next month, at which point Shawn is going to give us a complete overview of how the system works. Stay tuned!