Three Easy Summer Fundraisers

The sun is about to set in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s over yet! There are still a few weeks left for cookouts, swimming and wearing tank tops and shorts, so why not organize a quick summer fundraiser for the Children of Casita Copán? These three summer fundraising ideas are easy to plan and most importantly ,they are fun for the whole family!

Have a Yard Sale

You can also sell popcorn which is cheap and easy to make!

This one will cost almost nothing to set up, all you have to do is get people to donate their old stuff! If you have a big enough yard you can host it there, or you can request a community center, church or a school to open up a space for you. You can put up flyers a few days before the sale requesting donations, and then put up flyers right before the event to announce it to people. You can even incorporate a lemonade stand or a bake sale, the yard sale is just the beginning! We have done it before, and we also had lots of food and games!

Offer to Wash Cars

Mirian and Flor, ready to wash up!

Another simple, inexpensive summer fundraiser is to just offer to wash people’s cars. You can ask a local business with a large parking lot if you can offer your services in exchange for a donation, or you can go around your neighborhood door-to-door, offering to wash their car! You might also be able to get a local business to donate cleaning supplies. You can email [email protected] to request a letter on our official letterhead requesting in-kind donations for any fundraiser you want to host!

Organize a Water Balloon Fight

Balloons are a dime a dozen, use them for all your events!

For this you will need a few bags of balloons, water, an open space like a football field, park, cul-de-sac or even in your own back yard if it’s big enough. You can buy 144 balloons through Casita Copan’s Amazon Smile account, for less than $10! You can sell the balloons individually once they are filled with water, or charge a small entrance fee. It is rather inexpensive to purchase balloons and fill them with water, so it is low risk, and with the potential for a high Return on Investment.

The most important thing about these fundraisers is that you remember to have fun! Even if you aren’t able to make a lot of cash, helping us spread the word about Casita will be a huge help for our kids, and all the work we do to support them.