Staff Spotlight: Franqui, Educator and Father

Meet Franqui, our lead teacher and supervisor. Franqui ensures that all the programming in our Children’s Center runs smoothly and that the children receive the best quality supplemental academic guidance. While we assist the children in all school subjects and projects, at the end of the day we want Casita Copán to feel like a home-away-from-home, and not a school-away-from-school.

The teaching team plays a dual role, meeting academic needs but also teaching the children about manners, hygiene, and how to socialize with their peers. Franqui tells us a little bit more about how his personal life as a father influences his professional life as our lead teacher, and vice versa. Here is the conversation we had with him:

What is your favorite thing about being a father?

Having someone to play with, yes, having someone to play with, someone you trust, and someone with whom it is fun, and it is forever.

Tell us about your kids.

I have two boys. One is 14 and the other is 4. The 14-year-old, his personality…he is very serious and conservative. But he is also really fun, and he likes to be very competitive especially with board games. He is very good at board games. He reads the instructions and knows all the rules really fast, and it is difficult to beat him, this is why I have a hard time playing with him, he always beats me. He likes to read, and he likes technology. I always try to avoid him playing (with technology) so much but he really likes to play that. He likes to hike with me, for a long time, for hours.

The 4-year-old is electric. He is always looking for what to do. He is about to enter pre-k in August. He likes to exercise, he is tall. He is also very mature. When he arrives at a place he observes everything. Then, you ask him something like “Where is the computer?” and he’ll say “Oh yeah, I already saw one” and he goes and finds it. He notices things, a lot. It looks like he will be a Quality Control Supervisor when he grows up!

What are the challenges of being a father?

The challenges are…when they grow up I would like them to be professionals. In any area they like, doing something they like. The challenges are if they don’t want to study after, or also if they are badly influenced by their friends. So we are supervising their friendships and who they get together with, making sure they are good examples for them.

How does your daily life as a father relate to your work, supervising the teachers?

There are things that I do with my kids that work, especially with discipline. I try to implement them here (at Casita) with some children…this is like a family; we all need to collaborate with something. Specifically, with cleaning, the good thing about cleaning is that when a child is about make something dirty they think about it more, really. They think “well I know I have to clean this so I won’t get it dirty in the first place”. The children who most like to clean are the ones that make the least mess, and the kids that don’t like to clean are the ones making a mess! So we try hard to foster a family environment in which everyone contributes. They also help each other out with homework. I always assist in what I can but I like for them to collaborate with each other.

Being a father is hard work, but Franqui takes it on with a smile.

Make your father smile today by donating to Casita Copán in his name! Celebrate with us the Casita Copán fathers but also the single mothers playing both roles for their children.