Meet the Carranza Family!

Eight months versus two months. The difference being that eight months is how long the Carranza kids have been here at Casita and two months being how long I’ve been here. I know it’s flown by for me so I’m pretty sure they’d say the same for them if you asked. We may have arrived here at different times but we’re both the newbies!

When I first arrived, José Roberto greeted me with a grin as wide as ever and was always down to take a cute picture. He’s a little bit shy when you talk with him but loves to play with his friends! A few weeks ago I made a thank you letter for a sponsor since she graciously gifted us with baseball bats and balls for when we play baseball. In the letter, I wanted the children to write their names on their photo. When I asked José Roberto to come in and write his name, he looked at me and looked at the pen and then looked at me again. It took me a second to realize that he is not able to write his name yet. I didn’t think much of it because I don’t remember what age I began writing my name so I just told him to write something and I’ll type his name in under it. Right after that, I had another child, César, come in to write his name too. César jotted his name down so quick that I didn’t even realize he was done! It was right then that I discovered how much Casita Copán makes a difference in these kid’s lives. José Roberto and César are both eight years old. But César has been with Casita for three years and José Roberto only eight months. Something as small as being able to write your name and getting the chance to attend school is what we take for granted for everyday. José Roberto might not be able to write his name yet, but I am confident that he will get there soon and I’ll be there when he comes running with his two-front-teeth-missing grin, excitedly showing off his penmanship.

The two Carranza girls, Marigloria & Paola are just as adorable as their brother. Marigloria has also inherited the goofy grin and just adds a cute giggle to go along with it. When we were interviewing her for our mini video, she had the most to say and was so happy to talk! She even broke into song at one point and just kept singing! Everyday when I see Marigloria, she is giddy and her best friend Kensy and her are two peas in a pod. She takes care of her little sister Paola and looks up to José Roberto for help when she needs it. Her little sister Paola is a force to be reckoned with. She is a little spitfire who stands up for herself against the older kids and who will talk your ear off if you make time to listen. Towards the very beginning of me meeting her, she was timid and wasn’t too sure about a new face but soon enough, she opened up and is eager to tell you stories. Now when I visit the Kinder class, I’m welcomed by a hug from little feisty Paola!

From just the couple of months that I’ve been here at Casita, I can see how happy this family is. Part of the reason that they are in our program at Casita is because their mother was unable to provide a house for them and she would bring them to work with her. She works on the street selling tortillas and they would all four, sleep huddled under the stand at night. I know the story and now I know the children. But when I see the children now, it’s hard for me to see how these three kids are the ones that slept under that tortilla stand. These three kids are full of life, constantly smiling and captivatingly cheerful! This further proves the impact Casita Copán has on the lives of the children here in Copán. They are getting their chance at a better life and we are determined to keep this progress going.

Our children here at Casita deserve the chance for greater opportunities and that starts with you. #Changeaworld and sponsor one of our amazing children. I’ve seen the impact that your sponsorship creates for these children and urge you to consider changing a life today.