A Star of Hope

Meet Estrella. Estrella means “star” in Spanish. And how aptly named!

Estrella is one of our 13 “Casita kids,” children who live in family-style foster care homes because they can’t be reunited with their biological families. She first came to Casita when the nearby orphanage was shut down by the government for its poor living conditions and quality of care. At first, Estrella was quiet, detached, overly passive and lethargic. She was still in kindergarten even though she was about to turn 7 years old because the staff at the orphanage where she lived didn’t enroll her in primary school.

Estrella 3
Estrella at the old orphanage

But Estrella has proved what a difference quality care can make. In the first three months at Casita, Estrella grew seven inches and gained eleven pounds. Her hair grew and her skin started to shine. She transformed into an energetic, creative, and affectionate child with tons of friends, both at school and at Casita.

She has also had the chance to meet her birth mother, Mirna, for the very first time. Mirna is homeless and struggles with personal issues that make it difficult for her to raise her children. But Mirna visits Casita regularly and Estrella has had the chance to get to know her and two of her younger siblings. Just last month, Casita sponsored a trip for Estrella, her mom, and her two brothers to travel an hour and a half up the mountains to meet her grandfather, uncles, aunts, and cousins. These visits haven’t taken away from the bond that Estrella has with her Casita mom; instead it has strengthened the connection she has to her own family.

When Estrella grows up, she wants to be a ballerina, and then an artist, and maybe a teacher. We know that no matter what Estrella chooses, she has the support network she needs to make her dreams come true. That’s the power of a place like Casita Copán. You can Change a World for a child like Estrella by signing up to be a sponsor or donating to our Sponsorship Fund.