What does it mean to be a mother?

Madre no es solo la que pare, también es la que cría.

“Mother is not just she who gives birth, but she who nurtures” – a rough translation of a common saying in Latin America. Being a mother means many different things in Honduras. Some kids have many different “mamis”: mami-biological-mom, mami-grandma, mami-older-sister, mami-aunt, even mami-family-friend. Motherhood, family, and community are inextricably linked in this side of the world. We Hondurans love to praise our mothers; unfortunately, this gratitude is not (yet) institutionalized for mothers who lack the resources to provide for their children.

Casita Copan fills these gaps every day by providing a safe place for children to grow. For the working single mothers in our program, our Children’s Center gives them peace of mind. In the case of our Casitas kids, their foster mothers provide all the love and affection the 13 children in this program need to grow into healthy adults.

To show our appreciation this mother’s day, we asked some of the mothers in our programs: what does motherhood mean to you?

Josue, Mirian and Wilson’s mother, Oralia, said:

“They are the most important thing in my life…I like everything about them. I wish I could dedicate myself full-time to them, but the situation we live in does not allow it. When I get home in the evening I feel good because I know they are in good health. They give me the strength to keep moving forward, fighting.”

Mama-Mercedes, who is one of the foster mothers in our Casitas, said:

“Being with them. Sharing all my time with them. With the Casitas children, I have been able to do what I couldn’t do with mine: take care of them. My children were raised by my mother so that I could work. I love it when they say to me “mami, I love you so much”, even if they’re just coming from making a mess. Mother is not just she who gives birth.”

Mercedes, filling the role of mom and dad for her Casita kids

Mothers across Honduras, and even the world, share a bond forged by these diverse experiences. What better way to celebrate mother’s day than by donating to Casita Copan, in the name of a mother in your life: whether she be the one who carried you, who raised you, or even the mother of your own children. All mothers deserve to feel loved and appreciated, 365 days a year – even though in one year, they probably do closer to 1000 days’ worth of work.