Over the Moon

A small town in Honduras is a difficult place to raise a child with special needs. The majority of special needs schools and rehabilitation services are concentrated in urban areas, the closest one being a three-hour drive away from Copan Ruinas. Providing all the opportunities for a special needs child seems like an insurmountable task.

Such is the story of Elsy, one of the girls living in our Casitas. Elsy has an unknown genetic disorder affecting her brain development. Before becoming part of the Casita Copan family, she lived in an institution that was ill-equipped to handle her needs. An understaffed and overcrowded orphanage was the only place Elsy knew for the first 6 years of her life.

When the orphanage closed, Elsy was reassigned to Casita Copan, and her progress has been remarkable. She used to have limited social skills and only said a few words. She would run away every time someone opened the door, most likely a vestigial fear from her former life in an institution.

When she first arrived at Casita Copan, the sun would set, and Elsy could do nothing but look up and stare at the beautiful night sky. The first new word she learned at Casita was “La Luna”. It was then that her caregivers realized she had probably never seen the moon before.

Now, through the guidance of her foster mother, caregivers, and the other children at Casita Copan, she has made incredible progress. She can now communicate with other people; she is always smiling; she is the first to welcome newcomers with a hug. Her foster mother keeps track of her doctor’s appointments and her medications, which she is able to buy through the help of our sponsorship program.

Because of her condition, Elsy has a lot more financial needs than the other kids. She regularly has to attend doctors’ appointments in a different city, and her medication costs $100 a month. We are working towards getting the best care for her, but it is a work-in-progress.

Most importantly, Elsy has been able to build relationships with the other children at our Children’s Center. She is always looking out for them and they are always looking out for her. She plays, draws and dances alongside everyone during the day. Unfortunately, she is unable to attend school; but Casita Copan provides her with a place where she can spend her days stimulated and loved.

Elsy’s improvement would not have been possible without the support from her sponsor; however, because of her medical needs, Elsy needs more sponsors than the other kids. To help us continue to provide a loving home for Elsy, please consider sponsoring her at Casita Copan. Even a one-time donation to our sponsorship fund will help us work towards a better future for children like Elsy.