Garage sale success!


We purchased a fardo, or package of clothing, to hold a garage sale at our Children’s Center as our latest local fundraiser.

The kids priced and arranged the clothes during the week leading up to the sale, and on the day of they were all in charge of drawing in customers and making the sales. We had a microphone, speakers blasting (like any good Honduran retailer) and all sorts of activities including games for kids and snacks for sale.

While we could have sold more items, the weekend was a success! Some of the practicantes made popcorn and nachos, others folded clothes; but they all got to work on their public speaking and negotiation skills.

At first, many of them were a little bit shy to let the people in. The good thing was their mothers were there to talk to the customers in cases of extreme shyness. By the end of the day all the kids were running toward the cashier asking how much they could lower the prices. 

The girls showing off their sewing skills

We will probably have to leave the clothes out for sale for a little bit longer to recoup the investment on the fardo; but this means more opportunity for the highschoolers to learn oratory skills, and practice mental math!

This will definitely keep them motivated as they move on in our high school scholarship program. You can learn more about this program here!