Meet Karina, Director of Development

My name is Karina and I am the newest member of the Casita Copan team. In my role as Director of Development I will be keeping our supporters updated on all our projects as well as looking for further avenues for organizational growth. I am very excited to join the growing Casita team!

Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, two Honduran cities that might as well be another planet compared to Copan Ruinas, are two of my many hometowns. Honduras’ main urban centers have a variety of malls, cinemas, and facilities; a very different feel from Copan’s colonial small-town, tranquil setting. I was lucky that through my parents’ job I was also able to live in Rome, Italy and Johannesburg, South Africa, during my middle and high school years. Through these travels I was able to learn Italian and French, while always speaking Spanish at home and English at school.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, with minors in Post-Colonial and Women’s Studies. During my time in the US I worked for two nonprofits: one advocating for the rights of low-income single mothers and the other promoting the well being of senior citizens. My job prior to joining Casita Copan was at a nonprofit in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, where I coordinated a medical program to reach the indigenous Mayans living in the Lake Atitlan area.

The main thing that drew me to Casita Copan was their focused and well-thought out approach to ending the cycle of child-abandonment. Providing the opportunity for single mothers to bring their children to a space where they can grow outside of school is rare in this country; while providing full-time homes in a real family for orphaned children is almost unheard of! My favorite thing about Casita Copan is their commitment to respecting Honduran culture and preserving the dignity of all the people in their programs. Honduras is a beautiful country with a rich heritage, something that Casita always promotes: from their in-country events to the food they serve every day to the kids, tasks made easier by having most of the staff be locals.

It is incredible how much Casita Copan has grown over the last three (and change) years. They have done so much; and through the support of generous donors have made a significant impact in the lives of the 53 children in the program. However, there is still so much more to be done, and I am proud to be a part of this organization’s growth. I am excited to be in communication with our sponsors, donors and supporters, and to keep you all updated on all the exciting things that are coming up this year!

You can contact Karina at [email protected]