What’s it like to be a Casita mom?

Here is a blog post from Daysi, our psychologist and Program Director for our “Casitas.” Here she talks about our Casita foster moms, the amazing women who have committed their lives to caring for and loving abandoned children in our “Casitas,” or family style care homes.

I have the opportunity to talk to the Casita Moms every week, and learn about the kids’ advances, adventures, jokes, temper tantrums, and everything else that goes on in their lives. It’s amazing to me how the love of a real and caring mother can change a child’s life. These women really care about those kids, they see them as their own children, and protect them as such. I recently asked each one of them what this experience means for them, and what have they liked the most. The answers were so great, that I feel should be shared with everyone out there.

IMG_3256Mercedes (the girls call her “Mami”) lives with three of our younger ones and an older girl, all of them are always full of energy. “This is a new experience for me, they are my daughters, I feel like I gave birth again! My favorite part about being their mom is how affectionate they are with me, I love them and they love me back. Zoila and Angie always tell me they love, hug me, kiss me, and even massage my feet. Elsy hugs me all the time, and gives me lots of kisses. Belkis helps me to make dinner or offers to do laundry, and I know that’s her way of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’. I really enjoy being around them.”

IMG_2090Zoila (“Mami Cholita”) lives in a house with 5 of our kids, and, although she doesn’t have kids of her own, is a real mommy for them. “It was hard when everything started, but now I feel that the kids have adapted to me and I adapted to them. I feel they are my own kids. I really like it because they show me how much they love me, I feel like I have earned a space in their lives, and like I tell them, I am their mother of the heart.”

IMG_0375Juana (“Mami Juanita”) is surrounded by four of our boys, and they all have been very lucky to have known her for almost their entire lives. She has always been “Mami Juanita”, but now she has become their real mother. “I have always liked children, so being a Casita Mom is something I can easily do. What I like the most is to give them advice, so they can grow up and become good men. I love them, like my own children. They make me laugh.”

We are so grateful for having these wonderful women as part of our team, they are incredible human beings and their hearts are so full of love that it is easy for them to give.