Casita is Celebrating Three Years!

Dear Friends,

Guess what? Casita Copán is turning 3 years old this week! I’m still in shock, so while I process that, let me share a story with you about our very first Casita mom.

It was September 10, 2012 and she was the first to arrive. Fanny was 30 years old and pregnant with her 5th child. She was thin, nervous, late for work at the market where she would work for the next year, seven days a week, 10 hours a day. Fanny had only ever attended a handful of days of school, and she knew that the only job she could have in Copán Ruinas was the kind she had right now: cleaning, cooking, and serving others for less than $100 a month. She also didn’t expect the father of her unborn child to show up at the one bedroom apartment she rented for $50 of her salary. He was long gone, like the fathers of her other children, and the fathers of her sisters’ children.

Her children, Alba and Juan, were too small for their age, their stomachs bloated with parasites, dark shadows under their eyes, disturbingly quiet. When I got out a box of crayons, Alba, who was 4 years old at the time, could barely hold the crayon in her hand. Her motor skills were so lacking, I thought the year on her birth certificate was a mistake and she must be only 2 years old. For the first few months, I was terrified that Fanny wouldn’t show up to pick up Alba and Juan. She had left her oldest two children with family members when it became too overwhelming, and I was holding my breath, waiting for history to repeat itself.

But it didn’t. A year passed at Casita Copán, then two.

Fanny was the first to sign up for our literacy class and she learned to write, to add and subtract, to sign her name for the first time. She gave birth to Iker Sebastian and followed our advice to stay with him as long as she could while working so that they could form a bond. They are now inseparable. When a job opened up at Casita, she was the obvious choice. She signed up for our sewing class and can now cut a pattern and sew a skirt by hand. Fanny has slowly started purchasing what she needs for her home thanks to micro-loans – a refrigerator, a stove, furniture. She takes care of every gift that she has received from Casita – the bed, mattress, dishes, pots & pans, blankets, and more. And her children are healthy, smart, full of life and energy, and these days, never quiet for a moment!

Fanny is just one mother among many who are changing their lives with the support of Casita Copán.

Join us in celebrating the amazing mothers, children, employees, and supporters that have brought us to where we are today. You can make a donation in honor of our three year anniversary by clicking the button below or just tell your friends and family why you support Casita Copán and ask them to join the fun.

Con mucho amor,