A New School Year

It’s hard to believe that February is over and the children have been back at school for almost a complete month already.  Time sure does fly fast here at Casita Copan.  But it’s bound to happen when there is always so much happening.

This new school year marks a high percentage of our children attending school.  36 out of the 44 are attending.  That’s 82% of our kids who will be receiving a formal education this year.  This year we see several changes from the previous school year.

  • We have 5 students in kindergarten and going to school for the first time;
  • There are 9 first graders and 2 of them were not attending school last year;
  • We had one of our students move on to high school;
  • Every one of our children passed onto the next grade;
  • Two of them passed on the honor roll (a first for any Casita kid!); and
  • One graduated at the top of his class and got to carry the flag at his kindergarten graduation.

We were also able to see that all of our children are ready to make this year another successful year by providing the things they need.

  • Each child received a new school uniform;
  • Backpacks and supplies were bought according to the needs of each child;
  • Scholarships are provided to help the high school students afford to attend; and
  • We were there to help make sure they were all registered and found their first day of classes!

We cannot forget to mention the education of those too young to attend school.  The youngest ones are learning right here at Casita as they work on their A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s among other great life lessons of growing up.  You can see the eagerness and readiness of these children each day as they learn new things.

Here’s to another year of education, success, challenge, fun, growth and development for the children at Casita Copan!