A Dream Come True

As you may have heard by now, Casita Copan has welcomed 13 amazing children into our care that were living in the orphanage “Angelitos Felices” for most or all of their young lives. Many of our Casita kids have lived or spent time at this orphanage, a place where the living conditions were appalling and there was a lack of consistent care from adults. The kids essentially raised themselves, resulting in an amazing bond between them but also a lot of deep-seated attachment and emotional issues. This is now our main focus at Casita as we work to provide a loving home and a bright future for all of our Casita kids.

Casita actually started all because of the children at the orphanage “Angelitos Felices.” It all began with a simple fundraising campaign to improve the building. Check out our first video:

After raising more than $5,000, we (founder Emily Monroe and a group of Copan residents) started thinking about how to really use these donations to the fullest. We started doing some repairs to the building but realized that the problems ran much deeper and what the kids were really missing was a stable and clean environment and real, consistent caregivers. Most importantly, they needed a strong administrative and financial foundation to make sure that they had what they needed in terms of food, education, health care, and safety. This was how Casita Copan was born:

Our little group of founders formed a Board of Directors and started the process of becoming an official non-profit organization. Our hope was that we could create a model that would encourage the existing orphanage to improve its conditions or if that was impossible, eventually provide a home for these same children. At the same time, we started to realize that many single mothers used the orphanage as a cheap daycare, sacrificing health and emotional stability for the security of knowing their children weren’t at home alone or out wandering the streets. We decided to focus first on these single mothers and their children, so we opened a daycare center.

Almost two years later, we have a thriving daycare center along with programs for single moms in health, literacy, and life-skills. If you haven’t seen our most recent video, check it out here:

This year marked the culmination of all of our efforts and dreams as IHNFA (the child services department of the government of Honduras) approached us to help care for the 13 children that would be abandoned when the government shut down the orphanage “Angelitos Felices” due to ongoing complaints and code violations. We knew it would be a huge undertaking and we were nervous at first, but our supporters have again amazed us and renewed our hope that these children really have a chance at a better future.

On July 1, 2014, we welcomed 13 children into our care, committing ourselves to provide a loving and stable home environment. The kids have already settled in so well, reuniting with former friends and starting to build real attachments with their new caregivers. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of our Casita kids. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!!