A Confidence Boost for Moms

Today I want to share a story from Gail, the President of the Board of Directors of the soon-to-be incorporated Casita Copán Canada (more info about this new branch of our organization coming soon!). This story struck me because it is a real-life and practical example of how our literacy program for mothers is making an impact. As you might know, our Casita Copan moms started literacy classes about a year ago and they are making huge strides. Teaching adults who have never attended school to read and write is no easy task. Not only are there the educational barriers to consider; often the main obstacle to literacy can be the confidence or self-esteem of an adult learning later in life.

I’ll let Gail speak for herself!

“During the week I was able to witness the most wonderful thing as I helped Alba with her homework. We were working on printing the letter M. Alba’s mom Fanny, has been working at Casita Copan for almost 6 weeks now and is one of the women who has been taking part in the literacy program. Most Honduran women don’t even have the skills to sign their names to a consent form for school. They are also very shy and feel so embarrassed about their lack of education. So when I experienced this interaction, I was blessed beyond measure.

As Alba completed a letter, she called her mom over. Fanny walked over and Alba showed her her homework. Fanny smiled and encouraged her hard work. Then Alba asked if she would write an M in her scribbler too. Fanny didn’t even hesitate, she took the pencil and with determination wrote her M in the line next to Alba’s as I sat across the table and watched. I believe that even three months ago she would not have had the confidence to do this. I am so very blessed to be a part of an organization that is succeeding in bringing hope to Mother’s and children in a place that they have to fight for each success!”

Our moms are now moving on to learning syllables and many are reading full words. But the biggest and most exciting change is in each woman’s self-confidence. It’s a tough road but it is definitely worth it. As we say down here, vale la pena!