In Her Shoes Day 6: Irma

Today is Day 6 0f the In Her Shoes Challenge. A lot of our challenge participants have pushed their comfort zones and made some realizations during this week of “walking in the shoes” of a Casita mom. Here is what Joyce (Casita Copán’s Board President in the United States) had to say:

Tomorrow is the last day of the In her Shoes Campaign for Casita Copan and eating /drinking on $21 a week! On Sunday, I plan to have Hot Quinoa Cereal Flakes with blueberries and walnuts! YUM! I know that probably does not appeal to most but I love it and it has become my daily breakfast but, alas, I could NOT afford it this week. The cost was prohibitive: $7.00 for the cereal; $8.00 for 2 pints of blueberries and the walnuts (we won’t even go there)! The cereal and blueberries alone at $15.00 would leave me with $6.00 to spend for the rest of my food/drink for the week. Of course, I’d have a little of the cereal left over for next week but still! No tea at the Te Cafe, no friendly lunches with friends and absolutely no impulse buys! Lots of beans and rice and a little PB & J. I actually do not feel that deprived yet, but on Sunday I can resume my old life. Not without a bit of awareness and sadness. Just to think that my one week is someone else’s life. Somehow the inequity brings tears to my eyes. These women are honest, hardworking mothers trying to raise healthy, happy children, just like us. They look worn but never spent; they still find time for a smile and friendly banter with friends and family. They are proud and deserving. Please take a moment and consider making a donation to keep the hope alive that these women will find find a way to improve their lot in life and also the lives of their children throught the loving support provided by the vision and dedication that is Casita Copan. Support from caring people like yourselves can make dreams a reality! Blessings to you and all of my teamates for participation in this amazing campaign! Peace, Love and Joy. Namaste. Click here to make a donation. 

And as promised, here’s a highlight of one our moms – our youngest, Irma. Irma joined our staff earlier this year and brought along her smiling daughter, Marjorie. She’s learning a lot and really growing as a person – we love having her on bard!

Day 6: Irma

Irma Jacqueline was born in San Pedro Sula on March 2, 1996. Irma is now 17 years old and lives with her 2-year-old daughter Marjorie in a one-room apartment. Irma earns L3,000 ($150) a month and pays L1,000 ($50) in rent. At her young age, her dream is to continue growing in her job and as a person so that she can make sure her daughter receives a good education. She wants to help her daughter learn to use her intelligence to cope and move forward in life.

Irma works at Casita Copán where she helps to keep the center clean and cares for the children. Her days off are Sunday and Tuesday. Her personal dream is to one day make and sell her own food and finish her education. (She only completed 2nd grade as a child but now attends night school). Sometimes she feels exhausted, but she knows she still has the ability to meet these goals as long as she works hard and learns as much as she can at her job and at school.

Irma is young and energetic and although she can sometimes seem a bit frail, the support from her coworkers has helped her to become stronger and more mature.