In Her Shoes Day 5: Suyapa

It’s Day 5 of the In Her Shoes Challenge. Here’s what one of our challenge participants (and volunteer at Casita Copán) had to say:

We only have $2,461 left to raise to meet our goal of raising $10,000!!! This money will go SO FAR in helping the mothers and children of Casita Copan. (P.S. I have NO idea how our mothers live on $21 a week!!!) I have TOTALLY failed at this challenge still with two days left. It is called eating beans and tortillas for every meal and not eating much (I’m very very bad at that part, for anyone who knows me). They definitely live a different life than what I and many of us are used to, even the (I like to think) frugal life I am living here in the same town. I am so happy for any opportunity to help improve the lives of these mothers and their children, and I hope you take this opportunity to help as well. I see now the ENORMOUS importance of just giving our Casita kids two good meals a day. This challenge has truly been a learning experience!! I thought it would be easy (er). Go to this website to donate or get more information: 

Day 5: Suyapa

Suyapa  was born in Virginia, Copán Ruinas April 1, 1979. She is now 34 years old and makes empanadas for work with a salary of L2,500.00 ($125.00) monthly. She pays L800.00 ($40.00) for her apartment where she lives with her four children Oscar (11 years), Selvin (6 years), Allan (5 years), and Deylin (1 year, 6 months). She has taught her children to be respectful and honest in their work and dreams that they will become educated with little difficulty.

She is a member of the Literacy and Primary Education Program for mothers which will help her have better employment opportunities and to realize her dream of having her own empanada restaurant. She hopes it will give her family a better quality of life and provide her with more time to be with her children and enjoy them, showing them affection with hugs and kisses. Her family is a newer addition to Casita Copán, and she is happy to have the support and to see her children receiving attention, care, and education.