In Her Shoes Day 4: Teresa

We’re halfway through the challenge – Day 4! Only 3 more days to go. We’re so thankful for our challenge participants who are  surviving on just $21 this week and doing an amazing job of spreading the word and collecting donations for Casita Copán. It’s not too late to support their efforts. Why not check out the In Her Shoes Challenge and pledge your support? All donations will go towards providing essential services for women and children in the Copán Ruinas community, women like Teresa and her daughter Fernanda.

Day Four: Teresa

Teresa was born right here in Copán Ruinas October 3, 1979. She is 33 years old and has three children, Manuel Alexis (16 years), Katia Yamileht (11 years), and Maria Fernanda (1 year, 6 months). She works as a housekeeper with a salary of L1700.00 ($85.00) monthly. Her one free day isSunday. Teresa dreams of learning to add and subtract. She also hopes that her children can study what she did not finish since her mother could not afford to pay for her to attend school past first-grade. She works so her children can continue to study.

She expresses her love with warm hugs and teaches her children the importance of honesty in their every day lives and in work. Casita Copán is an opportunity for Theresa to progress personally as she is part of the mother’s Literacy and Primary Education Program where she can continue her studies she was forced to leave behind as a child. She is happy her youngest, Maria Fernanda, will also have this opportunity and that each of her children is receiving the nutrition and careful attention they need to succeed. Her dream is to have a stall for vending baskets.