What is a Home?

This is a blog post from our wonderful volunteer, Kristen Pierce. As you may know, we are fundraising to buy all of the furniture we need to turn our children’s center into a real children’s home. Here are Kristen’s thoughts on the matter…

Home. When you think of a home, what do you think of? I think of the people that love me. I think of that comfortable place where I can be free to be myself, where I can learn how to be the best person I can be, where I can relax and play. The place where, for the first part of my life was my stability, my security, and the place I passed my time drawing, reading, playing with family and friends.

Some children at Casita Copán spend up to 10 hours a day at our daycare, everyday, including Sunday. For these children especially, Casita Copán is a home.

We have the opportunity now to give these children a better home, actually a quite perfect one, while at the same time becoming immediately prepared to start taking care of orphaned kids, as soon as our paperwork with the government is finalized. We’ll acquire beds, tables, a water tank, linens, dishes, even a washing machine and a fridge (How many of you knew we’ve been doing without?)! This is our opportunity to acquire all of the necessities for a start-up orphanage at the same time, and at a much better price, than buying it all later.

Well, all of us volunteers and staff feel it is an answer to our wishes and prayers. A hostel called “La Manzana Verde” (“The Green Apple”) is closing its doors after many years. Their desire is to keep everything together as it is, which is perfect for us, because we need everything they have, not to mention the fact that it’s already about as cutely decorated and child friendly as we could ever find. We’ve already yes, because if Casita Copán will continue to grow according to plan, this is exactly what we need.

It will be a little extra rent per month ($100 extra), and also about $4,000 to buy everything inside “La Manzana Verde” – bunk beds, regular beds, washing machine, fridge, water tank, blankets, linens, small appliances, lighting and fans, chairs, tables, dishes, and more! We are hoping you will be able to help us out in anyway you can with this. I want to cry thinking about the Casita Copán kids, and future kids without any sort of home running happily around this new place. It also makes me a little teary thinking that “Mami Juana” (as the kids affectionately call her) won’t have to hand-wash clothes every day! This means more time for giving children attention. It’s really a dream come true!

Help us make this dream a reality. Donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/casitacopan/