No More Pencils, No More (Note)Books…

It was already getting hot at 7:30 AM as we hiked up to Nueva Esperanza to deliver school supplies to seven of the kids who live in the local shelter and attend school in this wonderful community. Luckily I had company: Charrissa Taylor, a special education teacher from New Zealand,  who is here for 5 months volunteering for Casita Copán. (She’s awesome and I’ll talk more about her in a later blog post!) We went to Nueva Esperanza to drop off pencils, notebooks, crayons, erasers, and pencil sharpeners at the school and also to check out the possible location of the new children’s home.

Nueva Esperanza is a lovely little community at the edge of Copán Ruinas filled with lush vegetation, breathtaking views, and a close-knit mix of residents from all walks of life. The Consejo Rural (rural council) is considering making a donation of land to Casita Copán to build the new children’s home. We are still in the application process, but a lot of the community members have expressed interest in seeing this project come to life in Nueva Esperanza. And one of our Board Members lives in N.E. and is a part of the Consejo Rural!

The plot of land is large enough to build a two-story house that could fit 25-30 children with room for staff and volunteers. There’s also plenty of room for a great backyard and maybe even a vegetable garden. The greatest part is that it’s right in the middle of the community so our kids wouldn’t feel isolated. The plot of land is literally right next to the community football (or for us United States-ians, soccer!)  field. There are still other options on the table, but this seems like an exciting possibility that I wanted to share.

Please keep your fingers crossed!