Countdown to 10 years


Relive the moments that made Casita Copán into what it is today.


Our founder reflects on the obstacles our kids face as one of the original kids in our “casitas” program turns 18 and prepares for adulthood.

I just want to be Something

Living at an orphanage with little or no care, Naún’s chances at success were slim. He was labeled as a bad apple by his community, but he chose to walk his own path along with Casita.

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Casita may have been started for the kids, but it became clear from early on that we needed to focus on women first to strengthen families.

Casita is about Mothers

The life of a woman is difficult. The life of a woman in Honduras is even more so. The life of a woman who happens to be a mother in Copán Ruinas just might be indescribably hard. This May, we celebrate mothers and honor their strength and hard work.

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At first, our daycare was only for primary school. Then our first child graduated and didn’t want to leave! Find out what we did next.

Moving Up, a Practicante Story

Since day 1, Zochil became a part of Casita Copán. She started as a shy little girl, became our first intern and now she’s part of the Casita Team as a fulltime employee.

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We knew we never wanted to create an “orphanage.” We had a better idea: our casitas. Find out where the idea came from and how it’s been working so far.


Just as things started to get into a groove, the pandemic hit. But Casita has always been built on resiliency, and we got to work adapting our programs.

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It’s been a life-changing adventure these past 10 years, but we’re just getting started. Join us to celebrate 10 years and then let’s get back to work!

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